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Distech Controls' products meet rigorous quality standards, as well as industry norms and certifications. Below you will find a list of these certifications by product type.

“Distech Controls Launches New Generation Web-based BAS Platform”

Distech Controls, Inc., manufacturer of the easyCONTROLS™ building automation solution launches EC-NetAX, a web-based BAS platform, powered by the NiagaraAX Framework™.

EC-NetAX‘s open web-based framework creates a common development and management environment, for integration of both LONWORKS® and BACnet® devices. It is a turnkey solution including network management tools, controller programming wizards, graphical development tools, alarming, scheduling and logging functions, all accessible from a standard Web browser.

Distech Controls prides itself in offering state-of-the-art products that facilitate the work of both system integrators and building owners.  EC-NetAX is a platform that allows the flexibility of a truly open control system and value of a web-based platform reducing the costs of installing and managing building automation systems.

The benefits, for building managers and system integrators alike, include the ability to:

  • manage a building automation system in real-time over the Internet
  • monitor the building automation system remotely and allow for remote system programming, maintenance service and adjustments
  • manage geographically dispersed or branch type sites (multi-site) with one system
  • integrate LONWORKS and BACnet devices into one common system with uniform data presentation, be it for new or retrofit applications, preserving existing system investments by extending its capabilities
  • enable device to enterprise applications, through integrated data export functions
  • offer a complete and comprehensive work environment for building the entire Building Automations System, including controller programming through wizards, network management and development, global logic and web graphics.
  • provide integrated tools and resources for developers and end-users through any web browser.

To further complete this offering, Distech Controls has developed EC-NetAX wizards. These wizards facilitate the configuration and custom programming of the Distech Controls controllers all from within the EC-NetAX engineering tool; providing for significant improvement in efficiency in the engineering and configuration process by allowing all of the development work to be completed from within one tool set.

“Connectivity. Ingenuity. Choice.”

The evolution of technology and connected devices poses a huge opportunity for businesses, and at the same time presents new challenges. Tridium’s Niagara Framework® is designed to help businesses capture, store and access data at any second of the day, from any place in the world.

The Niagara Framework delivers:

Open Connectivity: Regardless of protocol or platform, the Niagara Framework connects to anything.

Open Ingenuity: Our technology is customizable without restrictions or limitations, allowing users and developers to add or expand Niagara’s capabilities. That’s a powerful differentiator, giving customers access to our partners’ experience and ideas, along with an extensive driver library.

Open Choice: Niagara’s maximum flexibility enables system integrators, developers and end-users to work with any vendor, build on existing systems and preserve legacy investments.

Niagara is the trusted technology for leading companies worldwide, as well as a loyal and active community of integrators, end-users, consultants, manufacturers, developers and resellers. Its ability to help businesses drive operational efficiencies, improve ROI and reduce costs has driven its adoption across multiple industries—from commercial buildings to data centers, manufacturing plants and smart cities.

“Protect your assets with the most advanced security framework.”

Whether you’re protecting assets in a single building or in a large, multisite application, security is vital. Our enterprise security solution, built on the Niagara Framework®, helps you protect business operations and assets through access control and intrusion detection. Get the confidence that comes with the industry’s most advanced, Web-based, Internet-enabled security framework.

Niagara Enterprise Security

  • Enables authorized security administrators to manage credential enrollment, access rights and schedules, time and attendance and alarm response in real time via a standard Web browser
  • Uses advanced IP-based controllers, eliminating the need for on-site PCs or thick client software
  • Stores thousands of credentials and controls multiple doors
  • Integrates with your building control system, shares information with all the leading databases and supports enterprise connectivity via HTML, XML, BACnet, SNMP and oBIX

“Turning big data into big opportunity”

The Niagara Analytics Framework is the only analytics framework designed specifically for Niagara that provides real-time business intelligence. It utilizes open APIs and communication drivers to create a truly open analytics framework that works across any application or industry—energy, manufacturing, smart cities, data centers and beyond.

By tracking events against business and operational “rules” that you set, the Niagara Analytics Framework can help you proactively analyze and detect patterns in your data and recommend appropriate actions—enabling you to make smarter, swifter decisions that drive efficiency and capture cost savings.

Our responsive analytics can run in the cloud or on your network, and are accessible from any mobile device, so you can interact with your entire portfolio anytime, anywhere.

Benefits include:

Open and extensible analytics framework

  • Analytics for any industry: energy, manufacturing and a variety of other applications
  • Advanced analytics that do not require specialized programming skills
  • Open API supports third-party visualization and other complementary apps

Native to Niagara

  • Only analytics engine built on Niagara; uses standard Niagara toolset
  • Leverages the global footprint of certified Niagara developers and system integrators

Real-time analytics with historical perspective

  • Live events with history of prior occurrences (frequency, duration, cost)
  • Deeper insight to root cause and proper remediation techniques
  • Comprehensive business intelligence (BI) reporting package